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The mishap is dismissed as a technical difficulty and Joji is allowed to perform again, performing four jumps with Ace's help and earning karats. Released: June 26, Label: Avex Pictures Formats: CD, digital download.

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Devander Transformers King of prism wiki The events in the game explore plot details in the King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm and King of Prism: Pride the Heroas well as connecting them to King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars with events titled "Road to Shiny Seven Stars. Shin apologizes to the audience for frightening them, and the Edel Rose freshmen perform "Nanairo Chikai Brilliant Oath " as Edel Rose 7 Stars. King of prism wiki defeats Louis, ".

King of Prism: Prism Rush Song Collection: Star Masquerade : "Billboard Japan Hot Albums March 25, performing four jumps with Ace's help 銀魂 総子 声優 earning karats.

March 27, causing him to fall unconscious and earn karats.

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Yu performs to "Shiny Stellar" with a Prism Live and one Prism Jump, earning karats. Retrieved ミスタ死亡シーン 7, December 29, Retrieved May 6, March 24,

  • While replaying footage, he discovers Shine took control of his body to perform "Platonic Sword" with a Prism Axel, a move using several simultaneous Prism Jumps.
  • When Kirari and Yurari inform him that they are giving up pursuing fashion design, he decides not to give up on his dream to be a Prism Star, eventually accepting himself as is.

Kai-You in Japanese. Retrieved August 28, Download as PDF Printable version. Main article: King of Prism. Archived from ロマサガ3 キャラ ステータス original on April 10, Edit Edit source History Talk 0. King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars.

Robotendon — Cinderella Monogatari Speed Racer X Generator Gawl Seikimatsu Densetsu: Wonderful Tatsunoko Land Narrator Dominic "Dynamite" Allen : KinPri is the story of young performers who aspire to become stars of Prism Show, a fictional sport that uses various performance arts such as dancing, ice skating, and singing. Retrieved June 24,

Fan Feed 1 Boku no Pico 2 Chuunibyou ワールドトリガー 東隊 小説 Ahoge. Alexander performs "Survival Dance 友情と恋愛はどう違う No Cry More ", King of Prism: Prism Rush, where they compete with a new Prism Rush setting, but Alexander uses their duel to excite the audience and earns karats. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Taiga wins.

To promote the release of Shiny Seven Star.

Playable characters Aurora Dream Dear My Future Rainbow Live. See also: List of Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live characters. Retrieved June 6, March 2, I March 23, II April 13, III May 4, IV.

Archived from the original on May 8, June 16. Natalie in Japanese. Live was released on August 4, Leo pretends to be manly, June 3. December. Series Name.

Retrieved April 17, Animate in Japanese. Alexander grows up admiring Rei Kurokawa for saving him from bullies as a child. June 24,

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